York Must List

York is a stunning city- with an awe-inspiring history laid out throughout the city, it's practically offensive to know as little as I currently do. Without this list, I don't think I'd know where to start conquering it all...

  • Tour the York Minster
  • Walk the entire Castle Walls (singing this is optional)
  • Visit Clifford's Tower
  • Roll down from the top of Clifford's Tower's hill.
  • Take a river boat tour
  • Go to the Jorvik Centre
  • Afternoon Tea in Betty's (eat as much cake as humanly possible)
  • Visit the Castle Museum
  • Ditto National Yorkshire Museum
  • Visit York Dungeons (don't wet self with fear)
  • Visit the Railway Museum
  • Go on the Ghost Walk with the freaky guy in stilts
That should keep me occupied for a while...

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