Monday, 30 July 2012

Bikini shots and sunsets.

Those of you who have me on Facebook may have been expecting an onslaught of hundreds of pictures from my recent adventures in Turkey. Knowing what I'm usually like with my camera, you'd be forgiven for being surprised there isn't a stream of shots from every angle in every manner of location.

But the thing is, I was travelling on my own. And let me have this one vain complaint- there's no one to take photos of you when you're travelling alone.

This is except for the handful of pitying strangers who offered to take a snap of me in front of some fancy scenery, which I see as less than a thankful habit of other tourists. Pictures of me standing awkwardly with a beach behind me aren't going to be flattering. The best pictures of people aren't the ones where they're told to stand and say cheese by a well meaning American tourist. It's not like I could pull a face or try to be funny- you don't want the stranger holding your camera to think you're mental, after all. So all of my photographs taken from Turkey are of scenery- and I'm aware that no one is interested in seeing my amateur shots of sweeping landscapes, so I'm sparing you. You're welcome.

The slightly more self-concious reason is that of the few pictures taken of me by friends I made while I was away, about 90% of them are of me in a bikini. I'm not particularly shy about this- I'm fairly happy to let a few of them be seen by my friends (and readers of this blog!). I just don't want to be that girl with an entire photo album of her in a bikini. It's a bit self indulgent, and also implies I spent the last three weeks wearing next to nothing, which isn't the case. 

So instead, I'm saving my Facebook timeline from most of the pictures. I've uploaded a handful, including some from Sam's birthday night out I went on the day I got back to Yorkshire, but that's your lot. Anyone (i.e. no one) hoping to be able to browse through, I'm sorry. I can imagine this is difficult for you, but you'll be okay in the end.

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